The Basic Challenge Of Stress

The Basic Challenge Of Stress

Scientific and technological progress all over the global has made man highly sensitive, critical and also creative. Sharp to the core, his intellect has gained tremendous power of analysis. The left side of his brain is highly developed, helping him to unravel the subtle mysteries of nature and understand clearly the general laws of nature. Technology has helped men reap the benefits of its use. Automation and computers have brought great speed and sophistication in all our interactions. In search of happiness we are propelled by a desire to increase our living standards by acquiring more and more comfort giving objects and experiencing sensual pleasures. To satisfy this desire we are always on the lookout to earn more and more. In the process, we have become very active and have overcome our lethargy.

Associated with this growth is the emergence of two basic challenges: pollution and stress. The challenge of pollution is being tackled effectively but not met totally. Strict pollution control measures in the industrial sector and extensive research leading towards the use of ecologically friendly technologies, have certainly yielded dividends. But on the second front, in spite of extensive research all over the globe, a decreasing quality of life, increasing health hazards, social unrest, student unrest,etc. traits which are all different expression of stress, have shown no trend of decrease. On the contrary over the last two decades, it is rather on the path of ascent.

The current mechanistic world-view, the matter- based approach the increased dependence on science and technology and the associated lifestyle have to undergo basic changes towards embracing a more holistic world-view and a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle. Emotion training and harnessing of the will- power- the growth of the right side of the brain is general -are then the associated adjuncts for such a holistic understanding and also for a healthier and harmonious living. And that is what yoga offers. Yoga which develops the personality physically, mentally and emotionally from a holistic perceptive, offers a total and comprehensive approach to the challenges posed by stress.

By – Assistant Professor – Vaishali Uniyal
Department of B.ED
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital