Jadav PayengJadav Payeng

Padmashri Jadav ‘’ Molai ‘’ Payeng ( born 1963 )is and environmental activist and forestry worker from jorhat, india.over the course of several decades , he planted an tended trees on a sandbar of the river Brahmaputra turning it into a forest reserve . The forest, called molai forest after him, is located near kokilamukh of Jorhat, Assam, India and encompasses an area of about 1,360 acres /550 hectares .In 2015, he was honoured with padmashri, the fourth highest civilian award in India.


 Dashrath manjhiDashrath manjhi

He is known as ‘’mountain man’’ for carving a path through a mountain in gehlour hills so that his village could have easier access to medical attention after his wife died from lack of medical care. He worked day and night for 22 years from 1960-1980. He carved a path 360 feet long ,25 feet deep and 30 feet wide. His feat redused the distance between Atri and Waziraganj blocks of Gaya district from 80 km to 13 km .


 Kulandei franciesKulandei francies

Is an activist ,social worker and the founder of the NGO –integrated village development project-in Tamil nadu. Francies has been working diligently to improve the living conditions in rular india .




IromChanu Sharmila IromChanu Sharmila

Also known as the “Iron Lady of Manipur” or “Mengoubi” (“the fair one”) is a civil rights activist, political activist, and poet from the Indian state of Manipur. On 2 November 2000, when the incident”Malom Massacre”took place, she began a hunger strike which is still ongoing. Having refused food and water for more than 500 weeks, she has been called “the world’s longest hunger striker”. On International Women’s Day, 2014 she was voted the top    woman icon of India by MSN Poll.


Sindhutai SakpalSindhutai Sakpal

Sindhutai is an Indian social worker and social activist known particularly for her work for raising orphan children and is fondly called ‘’the mother of orphans’’. She has nurtured over 1050 orphaned children.





Babar AliBabar Ali

(World’s youngest headmaster)

Is an Indian student and teacher from Murshidabad in west Bengal .He was called the ‘’youngest headmaster in the world. by BBC in October 2009. Baber Ali began a school in his parent’s backyard .800 children study at this school which begins at 4pm; the school is tuition free and pupils from nearby villages walk here to attend the lessons.


Maj. Sandeep UnnikrishnanMaj.sandeep unnikrishnan

(15 march 1977 -28 novenber 2008) was an officer in the indian army serving in the elite special action group of the nation security guards .he was killed in action during november 2008  mumbai attack .he was consequently awarded the ashok chakara,india’s highest peace –time gallantry awarded ,on 26th january 2009.




Arunima Sinha  ArunimaArunima Sinha Arunima

“Sonu “ Sinha (Born 1988 ) was the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest. She was a national level volleyball player who was pushed from a running train by thieves in 2011 while she was resisting them. One of her legs had to be amputated below the knee as a result.



Chewang NorphelChewang Norphel

The man who created artificial glaciers to meet the needs of Ladakh. He is a civil engineer from Ladakh who has built 12 artificial glaciers in order to provide water in this cold and dry mountain region.





Malala tousafzaiMalala tousafzai

She is a Pakistani activist for female education and youngest –ever noble prize laureate. She is known mainly for human rights advocacy for education and for women in native swat valley in the Khyber pakhtunkhwa provience of northwest Pakistan, where the local Taliban had at times banned girls from attending school.







Name – Monica Bhardwaj