Technology And Teacher

Technology And Teacher

Technology is a science applied artistically in a systematic way. Teacher education, as a discipline, has the potencies of a producer and consumer of technology. We have the potencies of inventing machines, gadgets media designing and producing technology – based programmes on the basis of principles of teaching – learning and utilizing these meaningfully. History of educational technology in India stands evidence to it. Teacher education programmes should be constituted of need – based courses. The problem with the programmes is, that we take off with the contents and end up with the contents.

There is a need to move from content to context. Our objectives should be based on problems and developmental challenges. Our approaches should be techno – pedagogy integrated. The effects should be in emanate in the form of self and social transformation.

Teachers in India have started using technology independently. Laptops LCD projectors, Memory Sticks are becoming the common media for teacher education institutions. Some of them offer ICT in Education as a core course, whereas some others make it as optional. Many student teachers are designing and implementing digital lessons. Now, techno – pedagogy has become an essential requirement of the educational institutions. Techno- pedagogic skills need to be adequately practised in teacher training.

By – Assistant Professor – Vaishali Uniyal
Department of B.ED
Uttaranchal College of Education
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital

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