Education is the most potential instrument for the all-round development of a person and nation. Since our independence, India has been trying to reshape and restructure its educational system. The efficiency and strength of an educational system largely depends upon the qualities of its teachers. Some people have inherent teaching qualities but for the rest, a good teaching learning process is required. Therefore, there is a need to improve the quality of our educational system to produce efficient teachers.

With the changing times, our educational system needs enlightened vision for the future. There has been a qualitative change in the role of the institute as well as the role of the teacher. The institutes are called upon to deal with productive society, action oriented youth and process oriented education. Teacher play a very important role in shaping the future of students and as well as society and nation. We must ensure that the programs and plans of our educational system must be innovative and various practices should be included. It has been recognized that programs and plans should be structured and modified in such a way that enables them to respond dynamically to the new problems and challenge in the field of education, then only a teacher can help in the nation development. Implication should center on the use of true practical aspects of nation.

In our educational system such progress and plans should be included that are innovative and full of practicality and they produce affectionate, humane and efficient teacher. We should improve our teaching earning process. This curriculum should not be purely bookish. The maximum focus should be on practical work and professional development activities
Nowadays, teacher-educator role is shifting from purely teaching to knowledge provider and counselor. He /She can produce dynamic teacher through effective use of multimedia approach for the society.

So a teacher plays significant, valuable role and is considered to be the architect of the society. It is true that future of any countries lies in the hand of youth and this youth of future are prepared by the teachers. We are living in a globalized world and now teaching is also a global profession that needs to be understood properly. In this era of globalization there is a need of innovation, not on the teaching but in all aspects of learning process so that standards and quality of education would be enhanced.

By:- Mrs Vaishali Uniyal
Assitant Professor, Department of Education
Uttaranchal College of Education (UCE)

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