Difference Between Disciplines and Subjects

Difference Between Disciplines and Subjects

  1. • School subjects can be traditional academic subjects such as mathematics, history, geography, chemistry and economics that have direct relation with their parent academic disciplines.
    • Some unconventional school subjects like tourism and hospitality with minimal connection with academic disciplines.
    • A school subject constitutes an organising framework that gives meaning and shape to curriculum content, teaching and learning activities.
    • School subjects are distinctive, purpose-built enterprises, constructed in response to different social, cultural and political demands and challenges, and towards educational aims.
    • The formation of a school subject entails a theory of content- a special way of selecting, framing and translating content for educational purposes.
    • Academic discipline is a field or branch of learning affiliated with an academic department of a university, formulated for the advancement of research and scholarship.
    • Academic discipline is formulated for the professional training of researchers, academics and specialists.
    • A fundamental conceptual distinction between school subjects and academic disciplines is crucial for a proper understanding of curriculum development and pedagogical practice.

Difference Between Disciplines And Subjects

By – Assistant Professor – Dr. Sharat Sharma
Department of B.Ed.
Uttaranchal College of Education
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital