Youth Unrest

Youth Unrest

Youth is a consciousness of power, power to grow,. conceive infinitely, probably the happiest period in life.

Unrest is a state of dissatisfaction, mental disturbance, disorder caused by the continuous non-achievement of expectations of youth, can also we often described as student revolt.
With changing of time today’s youth are living with number of aims, expectations, desires and ambitions. To fulfill or to satisfy their desires they compete with others with the help of their modern education and technology. In such conditions they feel many interruptions in their way they feel mental disturbance dissatisfaction etc.and this makes Youth Unrest.
Youth unrest is a major problem in Indian society these days or at present. This is actually a reflection of society because social situations breeds frustration.

There can be many reasons behind this problem like improper socialisation, family problems, social and economic inequalities, defective education system, unemployment, corrupt authorities, failure administration, misuse of youth power by politicians, communication gap, lack of opportunities and lack of self responsibility etc.

It is true that youth is unrest but it is a very important part of our country,a participatory role to play in the task of nation building.If we see the positive sides of youth,
‘ Youth is a Power’, ‘Youth is a Maker’, and ‘Youth is Destroyer’.
At present youth are more active. They are creating many organisations to help the people, taking many steps to develop our country and strive to solve all the problems completely at their level.

So education system should help youth to face problems and challenges of life, education requires a comprehensive planning and an integral approach, efforts should be made to provide opportunities, spirit of self reliance must be created, should be encouraged to set up business, should be given financial help through scholarships, should be assisted in developing self discipline, should have political awareness and communication gap should be bridged.

Several times it has been experienced that youth power has been neglected and ignored and it is harrashed for development, removal of social justice and achieving of goal.
So today there is a great need of youth to create a climate of hope, confidance and trust, for this initiative has to be taken for mobilizing the youth aspirants.

By -Asst. Professor – Dr. Sangeeta Rawat
Department -EDUCATION
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