The Impact of Social Media on Student Academic Life in Higher Education

The Impact of Social Media on Student Academic Life in Higher Education

Background of the Study n recent years technology has tried to fulfil its role in helping humanity leading to the substantial medium of interaction in the social world as well as in teaching and learning. Over the years those in higher education has explore the exciting opportunities new technologies bring to institutions, educators and students. Technology has changed the way people interact and has brought about the emergence of an open social platform such as social media that allows the inhabitants of this planet earth to connect with each other making the world a global village.
Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Flickr, are being used in learning for the purpose of convenient communication with other students and potentially with others outside the class such as students of the same topic and subject experts. The advent of social media has impacted significantly on how students learn and the mode instructors teach. In today higher education settings, social media is has influence instructors, students, and others to cooperate with each other on the tasks of knowledge construction in learning and Author α σ: Beijing Normal University, International Dormitory, Jie Kou Wai Street, Beijing. e-mail: teaching environments.
Social media applications can strengthen class material and positively influence discussions collaborative work, and authoring. Educators and researchers are constantly experimenting with social media technologies hoping to stimulate critical thinking skills, collaboration, and knowledge construction (James). However, the fact that these media are generally open to the world implies a need to carefully consider its’ benefits, impacts and risks of openness as well as need for ongoing communication with students in order to address their concerns and deal with issues in the use of social media as they arise.. b) Statement of the Problem With the explosive growth in the number and use of social media in everyday communication method for individuals and organizations, there has been a corresponding increase of its incorporation in teaching and learning in higher institution.
In view of this, this study examine and assess the impact social media has on teaching and learning in higher education. be it positive or negative impacts. c) Purpose of the Study This study was purported to assess the impact of social media on student academic life. life To be specific, this study aims at exploring the kind of social media students are familiar with, how such social media is used by students of higher institution and the impact it making on their academic life. d) Research Questions
The main research question of the study was” has social media has distinctive impact on students’ academic life?” To answer these questions and analyze how this impact has taken place, the following question were considered: How do students use social media? To what extent has social media support students learning? e) Significance of the study An understanding of social media, it usage and how it is influencing students learning environment would be of great relevance to students, researcher, students affairs practitioners and all the various bodies that comes to play when talking of social media and school life. The outcome of the study will help to strategize and reconstruct their attitude regarding theuse of social media. It will also push people further to identify the exciting opportunities social media add to human and student life as a whole.

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