Reduction of Weight of School Bags

Reduction of Weight of School Bags

Heavy School Bags are a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of the students. It has a severe, adverse physical effect on the growing children which can cause damage to their vertebral column and knees. It also causes anxiety in them. Moreover, in the schools which are functioning in multistoried buildings, the children have to climb the steps with heavy School Bags, which further aggravates the problem and health consequences.
This heavy load is caused by the fact that the children bring textbooks, guides, home work notebooks, rough work notebooks etc., to the classroom every day. Therefore, clear Guidelines of what to bring to the schools is required. The load of a School Bag, as estimated in some of the Telangana districts, weighs about 6 to 12 Kgs at Primary level and 12 to 17 Kgs at High School level. The Telangana state government hence took up a survey on the School Bag load in some of the districts. Based on the Survey, an exercise has been taken up to arrive at the proper load of the School Bags and a Policy on home work and assignments. A Guideline has also been issued by the Telangana state government directing the Managements under the Government, Local Bodies, Aided and Un-Aided Private Schools in the State to implement these Guidelines to reduce the load of the School Bags for Classes I to X, with effect from the Academic Year, 2017-18, onward.
According to a recent circular by the MHRD ministry, weight of schoolbag of Class 1 and 2 students shall not exceed 1.5kg. The allowed weight of schoolbags for Class 3 to 5 is 2-3kg, for Classes 6 to 7 is 4kg, for classes 8 to 9 is 4.5kg and for Class-10 students is 5kg

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