Creating Awareness About Human Rights

Creating Awareness About Human Rights

Majority of the Indian citizen are still living in a ‘Culture of silence’ due to illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and consequent pitiable conditions. Under such circumstances how can we boast of our being a secular and socialist democracy? We have many things to our credit, but even after 73 years of Independence, thirty-seven percent of our people are unable to decipher the printed word and write even in their mother tongue. This really is an appealing situation which our national leaders and freedom fighters were aware of and tried to solve couldn’t achieve much. For a long time, and fill recently, the study and concern about Human Rights remained largely confined to international lawyers, diplomats and statement. It is only in the recent decades that is right are increasingly becoming the subject of concern for national lawyers, activists, reformers, policy- makers and others citizenry. Establishment of Human Rights culture demands elimination of all kinds of exploitation, not only at the hands of the state, but also by members of civil society. Many times, members belonging two civil societies using their social status use force and indulge in practices, which are derogatory to human dignity. Employing bonded labor, practicing untouchability, perpetuating Sati, are some of the example that necessities human right education to evolve strategies and scheme for attacking such attitudes and help members internalize more and egalitarian approach in their social relations. Legal social and economic discrimination against women and her exploitation in different poses serious challenge. Prevalence of child labor in hazardous industries such as fireworks industry glass industry and stone crushing industry speaks volume about the systems insensitivity and lack of commitment of Human Rights in this country. The concern of human Rights education is not only to expose their practices, lacunae and weaknesses in law and it is enforcement but also to re-examine the existing 

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