Concept of Leadership

Concept of Leadership

Concept of leadership has been a complex and elusive problem largely because the nature of leadership is complex. Some have even suggested that leadership is nothing more than a romantic myth, perhaps based on the false hope that, someone will come along and solve our problems by sheer force of will. Leadership has been a topic of interest to historians and philosophers since ancient times, though scientific studies in this area began only in the twentieth century. Good many scholars and writers have offered hundreds of definitions of the term leadership. Leadership “is one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on earth”. When most people think of leaders, they recall great historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon and Alexander the Great. Yet there are leaders working in every organization, large and small. In fact, leadership is all around us every day, in all facets of our lives, our families, educational institutions communities, churches, social clubs, and volunteer organizations, as well as in the world of business, sports and the military. In the educational field enlightened and empowered teachers lead communities and nations in their march towards a higher quality of life. As torch bearers they reveal and enlighten the path to attain humanistic, ethical and moral values in life, creating social cohesion, national integration and augmenting a learning society. Society is undergoing change at a much faster pace in the 21st century, and since education is at the very heart of the society, it becomes imperative that changes are made in the educational system to cope with the changing society and this is possible only through educational leadership.

By – Assistant Professor – Mrs.Vaishali Uniyal
Department – Education
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