With the introduction of a completely different curriculum for B.Ed course, with new dimensions to explore, made me feel compelled to go for writing this book on the subject “UNDERSTANDING DISCIPLINES AND SUBJECTS”. This subject is a complicated one which was hard to understand not only for the students but even for the teachers up to a certain level. The biggest confusion that arose in almost all the minds was the initial definition of ‘discipline’ itself. Many confused it with the training that is given to the school students and for some it was a way of living ones’ life. This is the reason I have written this book, trying my best to cover each and every topic in detail and in an easy to understand language. Questions, covering almost every topic in the chapter are given at the end of the individual chapters which are going to help the students understand a topic more deeply and to assess themselves on their own. This book becomes inevitable for all scholars, students and teachers in view of the exhaustive and detailed analysis of all the topics conUNDERSTANDING DISCIPLINES AND SUBJECTS - Written by Dr. Sharat Sharmacerning the subject which has been included in the syllabi of different universities. In this book, subject matter is presented under suitable units as necessitated by various universities across the country.

This book is divided into six units. Unit one explains about the meaning of knowledge, its types and the concept of discipline and subjects. Unit two explains all about the disciplinary nature of subjects, paradigm shifts in the nature of subjects, interdisciplinary nature of subjects and the role of disciplines for school students. Third unit focuses on the selection of subject content which is based on the needs of students because needs are changed with time. Fourth unit is about the selection of good magazines, journals and textbooks, writing papers for them and conducting workshops and seminars. Fifth unit explains about the construction of knowledge and the role of tacit knowledge for it. The sixth unit is dedicated to the construction of curriculum, the history of education in India and the role of social and educational reformers.

Practical aspect of the subject is also well explained and attended side by side in chapters itself. As the new curriculum has paid great importance to practical work, this book also provides the students with all the necessary information which cultivate research orientation in students. As the regime of practical topics revolves round very complicated concepts, I have included them all, so that students do not find it difficult to understand and apply these concepts even in real life out of this book.

In my small effort of writing this book I have also compiled the works of various scholars and masters of the subject and have tried my best to extract every piece of knowledge required by our students. I feel grateful to them all and thank them earnestly.

By:- Dr. Sharat Sharma
B.Ed,Uttaranchal College of Education (UCE)

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